Installation Instructions for Greensand Systems

Covers single tank Greensand systems using potassium permanganate regenetation. Click the link below that corresponds to the correct configuration for your system.

Fleck 2510 and 2510SXT

Popular on iron filters as well as other systems that have been upgraded to take advantage of the improved reliability. Characterized by the swing open front cover, reinforced polymer valve body, and clamp securing the valve body to the tank adapter.

Fleck 5600 and 5600SXT

One of the most common control heads available, used on a wide range or softeners, carbon filters, pH systems, and sediment filters, as well as some smaller iron filters. Characterized by typically open face design and single piece reinforced polymer valve body.

Fleck 7000SXT

DISCONTINUED VALVE. Instructions here are no longer updated and are included as a PDF file only for reference.